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Jughandle-Weaver Rd./US 42 Intersection

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is the scope of the project?

A “jughandle” or “half loop” design has been built at the intersection of US 42 and Weaver Rd. This innovative traffic pattern shifts traffic by using a new road to support safer turning movements, or in some instances, diverting traffic to the new road and away from the primary intersection altogether.  In addition, upgraded signals are timed to keep traffic moving more efficiently, especially during peak hours.


Specifically, a new road (Quadrant Rd.) has been built at the southwest corner of US 42 and Weaver Rd. Through traffic and right turns will continue to be permitted at the intersection, but traffic turning left is directed to the new Quadrant Rd., where it ‘loops back around’ to the current intersection and continues through or turns right.


are these improvements

taking place?

The intersection of US 42 and Weaver Rd. is one of Northern Kentucky’s busiest intersections. New traffic signals have been installed and adjusted to allow for more green time, which reduces wait time and allows traffic to move through the intersection more smoothly.
In addition, by eliminating left turns, this design also dramatically improves safety by reducing potential conflict points for turning traffic.


will work begin and end?

This project was completed in Sept. 2019.

Want to see how things progressed? View project-area photos here.


will there be impacts to traffic because of the project work?

The new roadway is open! Please drive carefully as drivers adjust to the new traffic pattern in the area. 


much will the project cost?

The construction cost is expected to be approximately $3 million.


can I contact if I have questions or comments?

We would love to hear from you. Please e-mail us at [email protected] with questions, comments or input on our work.

Contractors may reference Item No. 6-367.

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