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US 42 Westbound Safety Improvements at I-71/75


is the scope of the project?

The bridge that carries US 42 westbound traffic over I-71/75 has been widened to improve safety, ease congestion, and provide new pedestrian access.


The bridge has been widened to the south to provide additional space for traffic moving westbound on US 42 and turning left onto I-71/75 southbound. It also was widened to the north to provide a sidewalk from Dream St. to Heights Blvd.


are these improvements taking place?

Before these improvements, traffic turning left from US 42 westbound to I-71/75 southbound backed up into the through lanes of travel during peak travel times. Providing additional left turn space for this movement eases congestion through this area, and a new sidewalk supports safer pedestrian access.


will work begin and end?

This project has been completed.


Project work was completed in two phases:


Phase 1: early June 2021 through end of 2021


Phase 2: January 2022 through project completion 


The project was completed in 2023.


will there be impacts to traffic because of the project work?

This project is completed; there are no project-related impacts to traffic. Please drive safely. 


much will the project cost?

The construction cost is expected to be approximately $4 million.


can I contact if I have questions or comments?

We would love to hear from you. Please e-mail us at [email protected] with questions, comments or input on our work.

Contractors may reference Item No. 6-80003, CID: 211311.

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