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Texas Turnaround /
I-71/75 Northbound Access Safety Improvements

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is the scope of the project?

The existing entrance ramp from 4th St. in downtown Covington to I-71/75 northbound has been permanently closed. Following clearly-marked signage, drivers now access Pike St. by using the existing ramp that carries traffic to I-71/75 southbound, then turn left onto a new ramp, then left again onto I-71/75 northbound. There are no traffic signals throughout this movement.


The travel lanes on I-71/75 northbound have been restriped to provide an additional travel lane from Pike St. to the Brent Spence Bridge.


The bridge that carries traffic from I-71/75 northbound to 5th St. has been reconstructed to accommodate the new traffic pattern.


Upgraded traffic signals were installed for local traffic at Pike St.


Various safety features, including crosswalks and new sidewalks, were built for pedestrians in the Pike St. area.


are these improvements

taking place?

Named because of its beginning and subsequent popularity in the State of Texas, the Texas Turnaround is a travel pattern that helps traffic move more efficiently through busy highway interchange areas.


The Texas Turnaround is expected to significantly improve travel for traffic heading northbound into Ohio from Covington by giving drivers more time to move to their intended lane. The continuous movement – without traffic signals on the new ramp – helps traffic move more efficiently. And, the additional travel lane also helps ease congestion throughout the area.


will work begin and end?

The project was completed in early 2023.


will there be impacts to traffic because of the project work?

This project is completed; there are no project-related impacts to traffic. Please drive safely. 


much will the project cost?

The construction cost is expected to be approximately $8.8 million.


can I contact if I have questions or comments?

We would love to hear from you. Please e-mail us at [email protected] with questions, comments, or input on our work.


Contractors may reference Item No. 6-82.

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