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Richwood Rd. Interchange Improvements 




The new travel pattern at the I-71/75 & Richwood Rd. (KY 338) interchange is open. 


For more information on how to navigate a Double Crossover Diamond (also referred to as a Diverging Diamond), please visit our Street Talk page.  


In a double crossover diamond interchange, or DCD, traffic through an interchange follows clearly-defined curbs, signs, pavement markings and state-of-the-art signals to move briefly over to the left side of the road. This eliminates the need for drivers to turn left in front of oncoming traffic. Drivers who need to continue through the interchange then cross back over to the right side of the road, leading to the “double crossover” name. 


Crews are closely monitoring the new traffic pattern and are making adjustments to traffic signal timing to ensure traffic is moving efficiently through the new interchange.


Even though the new travel pattern will be in place, this will still be a very active construction area with crews continuing to work on ongoing improvements. Please be mindful of crews working in the project area through the remainder of the year.


Substantial work on this project has been completed. Please be aware that crews may still be completing various final tasks. Please drive safely.


The new DCD travel pattern at the I-71/75 & Richwood Rd. (KY 338) interchange is open. Please drive carefully through the interchange as it is still an active construction zone.

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