I-71/75 Merging Lanes & Pavement Rehab 

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is the scope of the project?

New merging lanes along northbound and southbound I-71/75 will be built between Mt. Zion Rd. and US 42.


In addition, I-71/75 will be repaved from the Mt. Zion/KY 536 interchange at mile marker 178 to mile marker 183, which is just north of the Turfway Rd. Interchange.

Pavement work was completed in 2019 on I-71/75 southbound between the 5th St. and 12th St. exit ramps in Covington, and from the 5th St. exit to the south end of the Brent Spence Bridge on the northbound side. 


are these improvements taking place?

The additional lanes (one additional lane in each direction between Mt. Zion Rd. and US 42) will extend approximately two miles and will improve traffic flow on I-71/75 by making it easier to safely enter and exit the interstate – giving drivers more time to merge with mainline traffic.


The pavement repair will make travel smoother and safer for all who drive this section of the interstate.


will work begin and end?



Construction of the merging lanes and additional pavement rehab will be completed in two phases: 


Phase 1, construction of the northbound merging lane and northbound pavement work from the Mt. Zion Rd. interchange north to mile marker 183, will take place in 2019.


Phase 2, construction of the southbound merging lane and southbound pavement work from the Mt. Zion Rd. interchange north to mile marker 183, will take place in 2020.


will there be impacts to traffic because of the project work?

Please check our travel advisories page for new traffic patterns and potential delays that may affect your travel through the project area.


much will the project cost?

The construction cost is expected to be approximately $31 million.


can I contact if I have questions or comments?

We would love to hear from you. Please e-mail us at [email protected] with questions, comments or input on our work.

Contractors may reference Item Nos. 6-14.5 and 6-20002.