Graves Rd. Interchange Project

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is the scope of the project?

A new interchange is being built at I-275 and Graves Rd. Specifically, these improvements will:


  • Provide a new double crossover diamond (DCD) interchange at I-275 and Graves Rd. This innovative solution has been growing in popularity because it supports safer traffic movements by eliminating left turns made against oncoming traffic. The new interchange will allow for on and off access to and from I-275 at Graves Rd.

  • Extend the third westbound lane on I-275 past Graves Rd.

  • Build an additional travel lane on eastbound I-275 between Graves Rd. and KY 237 

  • Widen and realign Graves Rd. to avoid historic farmland and minimize the impact to local streams

  • Shift the intersection of Williams Rd. and Graves Rd. away from the new ramps

  • Improve the intersection at Graves Rd. and KY 20

  • Make safety enhancements at the KY 237/Hebron interchange

  • Provide sidewalks along Graves Rd. from KY 20 to KY 237


are these improvements taking place?

The purpose of the Graves Rd. Interchange Project is to improve mobility and safety in this rapidly-growing area in northern Boone County.


The existing KY 237 interchange with I-275 is experiencing substantial traffic congestion, including traffic backing-up onto mainline I-275 at the KY 237 westbound off-ramp. The surrounding area is expected to see continued traffic growth as a result of changes at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport and the associated business and industrial facilities. Additionally, residential developments north and south of I-275 continue to add to the demand on the surrounding roadway network.


will work begin and end?

The new interchange at Graves Rd. and I-275 is OPEN! 

The new Graves Rd./KY 495 exit is Exit 8. The existing Hebron exits 8A and 8B have been renumbered to 6A and 6B. 

Work on the southern portion of the project from the new Graves Rd. bridge to KY 20/Petersburg Rd., and on the northern section from Worldwide Blvd. to KY 237/North Bend Rd. is expected to be completed by 2022.

Want to see how things are coming along? View project-area photos here.


will there be impacts to traffic because of the project work?


Monday, Nov. 1, weather permitting:


Graves Rd. will be reopened to local traffic only between Worldwide Blvd. and Sequoia Drive. 


Also, at approximately 10 p.m. Monday night, the Graves Rd. leg of the KY 237 roundabout will be CLOSED. A detour route using Worldwide Blvd. to Graves Rd. will be put into place and marked with signage. The intersection of Worldwide Blvd./Williams Rd. and Graves Rd. will be a new four-way stop.  


This travel pattern will remain in place as utility relocation and construction work continues at the new roundabout. Access to Graves Rd. from the KY 237 roundabout is expected to be closed through mid-December pending completion of utility relocation and weather. 



The new interchange at Graves Rd. is OPEN! 


The new Graves Rd./KY 495 exit is Exit 8. The existing Hebron exits 8A and 8B have been renumbered to 6A and 6B. 


You can read more about the new traffic pattern on our Street Talk 101 page



much will the project cost?

Design, utility relocation and construction will be completed under one comprehensive $56 million contract.


can I contact if I have questions or comments?

We would love to hear from you. Please e-mail us at [email protected] with questions, comments or input on our work.

Contractors may reference Item Nos. 6-78 and 6-8953.